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FamilyPhoto of business owners of day and night sewer drain and septicDavid Higgins II grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and graduated from Lawrence High School in 1998. From the time he was very small, David observed the work ethic and pride his father, David Higgins exhibited. David taught him from a very young age to work diligently and to produce a product to be proud of. While the two worked together, side by side to restore David’s first car, as a young teen and later as they worked together in the family business. Over time, Higgins taught his son the tricks of the trade, passing down to him not only his business but the character and determination required to be successful and reputable in the community.

While carrying his father’s influence of loyalty and trust fro his business into his personal life, David met and married his wife Charlene and her three children. A short time later, the two had their own son, Aiden, whom David strives to instill the same values his father did. The family of six is dedicated to the success of one another; offering support of long work hours and a soft place to fall when the day is done. Higgins proudly boasts about all of his children and has them in the forefront of his mind when business is hectic and hours are long. “They are what keep me going.” said David when asked how he maintained his motivation to succeed. The strong influence of family life is ever present in the business ethic David exhibits and offers to all his customers.


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Day & Night Sewer Drain and Septic 785-842-4111 / Higgins Day & Night 785-841-6622
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