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When To Call a Professional

Its Time To Grab The Phone When:

Emergenciesphone- day & night septic tank installation

If your toilet is overflowing or you have water spraying on your floors, it’s not a good time to start trying to figure out how to fix the problem by yourself and if you are panicking its easy to accidentally injure yourself. Water can cause a lot of damage. Not only can water cause structural damage, such as rotting out floor boards and cracking walls, it can also result in mold and bacteria to build up in to hard clean areas. Wiring in the walls and floors is also easily damaged by water and may not be noticed until much later.

If  you are relying on septic and it breaks down you may need a septic tank installation done before you have working sewage, a professional can get this done in a faster time frame, minimizing the damage, not to mention entering a septic system can be extremely dangerous especially if there is an issue, due to the toxic fumes that can build up. 

Multiple Drains Clogged

Generally speaking if more than one of your drains is acting like it’s clogged, then it’s likely that you have a major clog in your mainline. Drain cleaner and a plunger aren’t likely to fix this problem, most of the time it requires a snake and removing the toilet, or having your system flushed. Not an impossible task but not something recommended for beginners. Unless you’ve had some experience dealing with drains and toilets, you may want to call in a professional. If a clog in the mainline is not dealt with immediately it can cause sinks and toilets to back up  and over flow and potential result in pipes bursting.

Problem Keeps Returning

If your problem keeps coming back, then there is something wrong. It’s possible that the clog isn’t being completely removed, or there might be another clog farther down the system. If you are plunging your sink or toilet, or clearing out pipes for the third time that month it probably a good idea to get a professional to put a camera down to see what the problem is and make sure your pipes aren’t cracked or obstructed by things like tree roots.

Many professionals also offer warranties and preventive maintenance which will help prevent a problem from returning.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is generally a sign of a serious problem, one most likely in the pipe lines under your house. This could be the result of something obstructing your pipe lines or in the case of a high water bill a leak in the line. Finding this issue can be difficult since the problem could be in the pipeline under your house, making it difficult to reach.

Septic Tank Installation

There are a lot of different permits required for septic tank installation; building permit, water rights permit and so on. A professional will know exactly what you need to get the job done and can make sure that the right people are contacted. The actual installation process isn’t any easier. A spot away from the other utilities, with easy access and a good drain field is required install a septic tank. You will also need proper downgrade and setbacks. The tanks themselves are also extremely heavy and trying to install one without the proper train or tools is dangerous and can lead to injure or in some cases death.