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Why Check Pipe Clogs with In-line Camera?

Hidden Pipe Clogs Can Cause Major Issues

Often times when clearing drains and pipe lines an In-line Camera Inspection will be recommended . In-Line Cameras are inline camera used to fix pipe clogs
used to inspect the inaccessible areas for pipe clogs.

Obstructions and damages underground or within the concrete can be seen with an in-line camera where they would not be visible without digging up the pipes, a task that is costly and potential damaging to property, depending on where your line is.

Often time’s problems within pipelines are not easy to find or reach, especially when the clog is in the main line. A camera can identify if the problem is being caused by collapsed pipes, corrosion, roots or other blockage.

The cameras are often used when the issue is not apparent and after the problem in the lines is fixed, to insure that clog or obstacle is completely removed and there is no deeper problem farther up the system. If your sink or toilet was not draining its possible that the pressure from the water build up can leave behind damage even after the problem is cleared away,.  Sending a camera down can help find potential costly problems before they become a serious issue. 

If a pipe becomes too corroded or blocked, it can end up cost property damage far beyond what it would take to fix the problem , if the something springs a leak or  bursts and floods your house or yard. Its important to make sure its found and fixed before this can happen. Sometimes what seems like small drainage issue could be a sign of a bigger problem. 

These type of cameras uses fiber-optic technology to send an image back up to the screen in real time. A small, sturdy camera is fixed on a flexible fiber-optic that is connected to the monitor, along with a high powered light. It is then lowered down the drain in search for breaks, unnatural bends, and obstacles. A visual image appears on the screen, insuring that nothing potentially concerning is missed.