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Warning Signs of Septic Tank Problems

The most obvious sign that you have septic tank problems is when you find it flooding the surrounding area. This generally results a in a lot of property damage and a messy clean up. There are however warning signs to help prevent this from getting to this stage.

Gurgling sounds for example can be a sign of a problem in your septic. The pipes transmit sounds from the tank to your home, so if you start to hear unusual noises you may want to have your system inspected, to ensure that there isn’t a problem. It’s important not to just enter the septic tank yourself , the fumes and lack of oxygen can be dangerous.

Clogged drains are a easy to spot sign that you might have septic tank problems, this especially true if multiple drains are showing signs of clogging, and not just a single one. Normally this is a gradual problem; sinks will start draining more slowly and so on,  before it becomes a serious issue, though it’s not always the case.

Smelling odors is often the earliest warning sign that your system is in trouble. If you started to smell unpleasant  odors around the field line or tank, it is possible there is a leak system somewhere, that, if left alone, could easily get worse.

Standing water above the field line is a sign that means that it’s very probable that your pipes are not properly draining. This happens when they are clogged with waste or the tank is full.

There are several ways you can reduce septic tank problems

  • Conserve water
  • Limit or don’t use a garbage disposal
  • Have your tank inspected  and maintained regularly
  • Keep your septic system free of grease, cooking oil, drain cleaners, and coffee grounds
  • Don’t allow cars to run over the tank
  • Plant trees and shrubs away from the tank to prevent roots from damaging the system
  • Shield system from excessive water run off